# Welcome to 0xcert API

The 0xcert API is an API service built on top of the entire 0xcert technology infrastructure. The API was purposely built to speed up adoption of blockchain technologies, since it provides the same versatile functionality as the 0xcert Framework, but is much easier to work with and requires much less development expertise.

At it's core, the 0xcert API is meant to be used for easy issuance and management of non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Like with the 0xcert Framework, we adhere to the ERC721 non-fungible token standard.

It is also the first fully decentralised API, with atomic transactions developed by 0xcert, where 0xcert doesn't own any of your data but only acts as the mediator or connector between you and the blockchain. The goal was to build a familiar API service without compromising the core value of blockchain and decentralisation.

The API is geared towards developers that are familiar with the blockchain but don't want or can't spend long periods of time learning and researching low-level blockchain protocols, standards and development tools. Additionally, the entire 0xcert infrastructure, has gone through security audits and has an active bug bounty, making it very secure to use and taking the burden of expensive security audits away from our users. By providing the developer community with a common API interface we are making this technology more accessible, less resource-intense and more secure to use.