# 0xcert tokens

The 0xcert ecosystem is made up of a variety of open-source tools, such as the widely used ERC721 specification and the 0xcert Framework, designed to make the process of building dapps as quick, painless, and streamlined as possible.

# Utility tokens

The 0xcert Framework uses ERC-20 utility tokens to perform decentralised blockchain transactions.

  • ZXC tokens are utility tokens used to pay for behind-the-scenes operations in dapps built using the 0xcert framework. You can think of ZXC as both a unit of value for 0xcert services and a bridge between blockchain and real-world use cases. ZXC tokens can be converted into dapp tokens.

  • Dapp tokens are credits users spend to buy products and services offered by individual dapps built on 0xcert. Each dapp has its own dapp token that it uses for its own purposes.

# Token economy

0xcert currently provides two services which both use ZXC and dapp tokens.

  • The first product built on the 0xcert infrastructure is 0xcert API, a decentralized gateway which packs the 0xcert Framework functions into a simple API service, where only dapp tokens are needed to perform blockchain transactions (no ETH).

  • The second product is Evidenspace, a platform built by the 0xcert team for issuing and managing non-fungible tokens, credentials, contracts, agreements, and more.

The introduction of dapp tokens allows us to update our products and services in a much more dynamic way than using ZXC directly. In turn, this allows us to streamline certain processes, offer a more dynamic infrastructure overall, and help dapp developers provide cutting-edge user experiences. Using dapp tokens instead of ZXC tokens also hides the complexity of blockchain for end users, vastly improving ease of use.